Starting afresh.

I like this better than blogger, don’t know why, but here is the intro:
This is an extension of an effort I have been making on my wordpress blog. I have been working on having a recipe of the moment that I really want an entire blog dedicated to. I know it’s pretty common to have a place like this, and fortunately I’m not hoping for fame and fortune to follow my efforts, or even a big following. I just want a place to journal about cooking, and food, and what food can be when done right. I know there are better chefs/cooks/bakers than me, and I will borrow from them regularly, hopefully always giving credit where credit is due.
This blog is dedicated to good, clean food. I like to know the parts of food, where it comes from, and using ingredients that somewhat resemble their original source. There will be times that I will cheat and use something less than “whole” food, but I will try. I may even through some legal interjection into the discussion and other random thoughts about how food affects us, so stay posted and tuned for what is to come. Add me to your list of foodies, and don’t expect magic from me, but hopefully you can expect some insight, a little humor, and a few good, clean recipes.


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