SAD Herbs

Seasonal affective disorder affects more than just people. Every year, about this time, my plants get Seasonal Affective Disorder. The thyme gets mites, so we have to cut it back to almost nothing, and it is happy. Sometimes a diet makes the difference, right. And the rosemary, well, it still looks like the Christmas tree it was when we bought it, because every year about this time, it gets powdery mildew, and it too has to be cut back. I think that spring will be very welcome. Even the chives, oregano and mint have threatened desertion, but only the oregano has proved successful. The lavender never has a chance, but we have hope for the chives. If the mint ever died, we would know that winter was WAY too long and WAY too hard, because Mint is not one to give up easily. It is the guy from the mideast that revels in sub-zero outdoor hockey. The lavender is the wimp from Florida that if he doesn’t get enough sun will just give up.
Come spring!


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