Throw me in a pot and cook me good

This is healthy, warm, comforting, and just too easy!
We have made this in a dutch oven outside in a fire and in a slow cooker, and of course the dutch oven was better, but not necessarily practical all the time.

New potatoes – scrubbed and chopped
Carrots – scrubbed/peeled and chopped
Onions – chopped
Garlic – diced/pressed/grated
Any other root veggies you have lying around
Chicken pieces – thighs are best, but 1/2 breasts are good too but have less flavor, but use whatever you have
salt, pepper, italian seasoning
chicken base – about a teaspoon or so, depending on how much food you’re making

Throw this ALL in the pot, stir it up, cover it and cook it low and slow until it’s all melded together (low for 8 hours should be adequate in a slow cooker). And it’s super healthy and screams – “EAT ME!”.

Obviously I’m delaying studying, but we haven’t had dinner yet, it’s late and I’m really tired of easements and covenants and right now I’m reviewing marketable title acts – gag!

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