Sugar on Snow

I like to see food the way food is made. We have been doing a lot of “foodie” things while traveling in the northeast, but one fun thing was sugar on snow. Matt has asked if we could make “sugar on snow”, and of course my reply has always been “Sure! What is it?”
I have now had it. It is sugaring season here in the northeast. Matt has distant cousins that still have a sugar shack, so we decided to patronize their shack. We got there after the kitchen had closed – they make pancakes, waffles, french toast, etc – but fortunately for us, they could still make sugar on snow. It is super concentrated maple syrup on shaved ice – well historically it was on snow, but for commercial purposes it was shaved ice. And you eat it with a fork and pickles to cut the sweetness. Strange, but really good.
And it was pouring rain or we would have taken pictures of the shack. We also got to check in on the sap boiling operation and see some of the “behind the scenes” stuff that the normal people don’t get to see because we’re like fourth cousins or something.


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