Good and Local

We did the local thing as much as possible this trip, but of course the camera wasn’t always around so we didn’t get much by way of pictures. But we did get some. There is so much by way of locally produced food, and a support to sustainable agriculture here. I would love to see more local foods at home. We live near nearly every chain restaurant in existence, and our grocery stores are big conglomerates, so it can be tough to find, but we are trying.

One of our favorite stops when we come here is Atkins Market in Amhearst. Their cider doughnuts are delicious, and they try to have lots of local foods available.
They also have giant foods. I felt like a hobbit when I saw the turnips and the cabbage.
They also have the world’s largest whoopie pies. You can tell how big they are by comparing them to the slices of pie next to them.
And I’m not entirely sure what Chunk Honey is, but they had some local stuff.

We also had pancakes at the Williams Farm Sugar Shack, and they we delicious. The whole wheat ones were nice and crunchy and rich, and of course we had ours with blueberries. They didn’t last long enough to get a picture of them.

And for breakfast today – while not local – it was at least interesting, we had an ugly fruit. I’ve never had one. It made me think a lot about society and the labels we place on things and people. This fruit was not the most attractive, but for someone like me who doesn’t like grapefruit, this was delicious. It was less sour/bitter, and it was a beautiful color on the inside. Take from this what you will. I think it’s a shame that food has to look a certain way in order to be marketable, unless of course, like this ugly fruit it is able to capitalize on its ugliness.


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