Supersize me

On my walk with my friend this morning, we got to talking about McDonalds. Apparently one of her weaknesses is chicken mcnuggets. Everyone has their thing, right? But then I told her that the last time I had McDonalds was the summer of 2005 at LAX where I got a salad. Before then, I honestly don’t remember a time when I went to McD’s. I’m sure I did, but this is the frequency of my patronage.

Tonight, we watched Supersize Me. We had checked it out from the library last week and just hadn’t gotten around to watching it, but my husband wanted to tonight. You must watch this. You need to watch this. It gave me cause to want to send my son to private healthy schools or to homeschool him.
You can watch it here.
A fair warning – there are moments of offensive material that I forgot about at the end. If only the world didn’t need to prove themselves with offense and profanity, I think we’d all be a bit better off.

Here’s to the American way …
P.S. the gardening bug has taken over and I can’t bring myself to sit in front of a computer for more than a few minutes, hence the no blogging.


2 thoughts on “Supersize me

  1. Amanda,

    I really like the movie Supersize me. Glad you’ve seen it. For myself, I vote no on the homeschooling, but yes on the private healthy schools or yes on the public school w/ packed lunches. I ate tons of crap in public school when I was in middle school. But I used to truly envy a friend whose mom packed her fresh fruit everyday. Seriously. Also, I’m moving to Boise in May to an apartment(probably tiny, no yard), but I’ve love to have some plants . . . what do you recommend for indoor/limited space gardening? Do you think I could get away with a tomato plant or should I just go for some fresh herbs? I won’t be getting anything until May, b/c I’m not carrying a plant in my lap for six hours and I’m not throwing it in the back of the U-Haul. Let me know what you think.

  2. We saw this movie too. Ryan’s mom takes Jack to McDonalds once a week and he always asks us if I’ll take him and almost always the answer is no, I can’t stand that place.

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