Stumbling upon greatness

I love food. I really, really love food. I am a dairy junkie if anything, and so ice cream is often found in our freezer. It’s a weakness – more so for my husband than for me, but one we are willing to deal with. We don’t eat it often, and it can sit there for weeks and not be touched, but then we just need to have it.
We have been strictly Breyer’s fans, mostly because when reading the ingredients it says something like, cream, milk, sugar, vanilla. I like that in food. But sometimes we have to mix it up.
We mixed it up right this time and found a new deliciousness at Costco – two deliciousnesses to be exact. It is called ice cream. Yes, the very same that I mentioned before. But this is different. It is Alden’s Organic Ice Cream. Yes, we are trying to do our part for sustainability and health, but we also know that Costco almost only ever has high quality products (well, at least the worthwhile ones, we don’t count the generic stuff). Last night we had the chocolate chocolate chip – yes it is two chocolates, and the best part is that the “chip” part is my favorite kind of chip – the flaky melty kind.
So to finish out my wonderful mother’s day – thank you husband and son for the planned spa day – I thought I’d try the Strawberry. It is by far the very best strawberry ice cream I maybe have ever had.


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