A lot of Garden

We have two gardens, this post is about the first. The second is a plot at a nearby community garden that we will be putting the summer bulk stuff in – peppers, tomatoes, corn, squash, etc. This first garden is my little sanctuary. I have never been one to grow “pretty” things. I could care less about most flowers and shrubs, although I do adore lilacs. They are a sure sign that spring is here. I digress.
Being LDS, I expend a fair bit of effort trying to follow the counsel of Church leaders, and when I do, it brings me great joy and an increase in talents and skills. In this case, I am following the counsel of our former prophet, President Spencer W. Kimball, when he said:
“We encourage you to grow all the food that you feasibly can on your own property. Berry bushes, grapevines, fruit trees—plant them if your climate is right for their growth. Grow vegetables and eat them from your own yard. Even those residing in apartments or condominiums can generally grow a little food in pots and planters. Study the best methods of providing your own foods. Make your garden neat and attractive as well as productive. If there are children in your home, involve them in the process with assigned responsibilities” (Ensign, May 1976, 124).
We don’t have a lot of space, but the bounty it is producing is beautiful. I was asked for pictures of my garden, but I’m not sure anyone could anticipate my incapacity to limit them. These are all from our inside bounty (those waiting to go into the big plot) and our little greens outside.


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