Do-Over and my NEW LOVE!

As a kid, we’d call do over if our first serve on four-square wasn’t good. The first try at this whole food blog thing wasn’t terribly successful, so we’re going to try again. We spent the last few months putting up food from our garden and will very likely starve if faced with a long term famine, but we would at least do so with a full complement of our nutrients, just not enough calories. I guess that’s what you get from fruits and vegetables.

But alas, I have returned.

I have found a new love.
I eat it for breakfast.
I eat it for lunch.
I even eat it for dessert.
I make it.
It is really, really good.
And better – it is really, really easy.
And best – it is really, really cheap.

(And yes, I’m sorry, these aren’t the best pictures)

How to:
Boil 1-2 quarts of milk in a nice big pot. (I do about 1 1/2 qts to fit two quart jars). Pour hot milk into a glass or ceramic bowl.
Stir in 1/2 – 1 c. cream (if you like yours creamy or want to go for the cream top).
Keep an eye on the mixture until it reaches 120 or so degrees. During this time, prep your incubation.
At 120 degrees, stir 1/4-1/2 c. of plain yogurt with some of the lukewarm milk mixture to thin it out. Add the yogurt mixture into the milk mixture, and pour into clean quart jars and seal. I use “used” lids that can’t be reused for canning.
Incubate for 8-10 hours. I usually do this about 10 at night and in the morning pop the yogurt in the fridge.

About incubation:
There are a lot of ways to incubate:
* Warm oven (100-120 degrees)
* Heating pad under and a big bowl over the top
** Our preferred method – Fill a big cooler half full of hot tap water. Place something into the cooler to act as a stand. We put in a big bowl and top it with a small cookie sheet to make a shelf. Place the quart jars on top, put the lid on the cooler and walk away.

In the morning you will have yogurt and it is delicious and probably cost you about 75 cents to make. We use whole milk and cream, so it might cost a dollar for two quarts.

For toppings – the list is endless, but try maple syrup, homemade jam (peach freezer jam is to die for), applesauce, granola, etc. You can’t really go wrong. Well, I’m not sure dill pickles would work.


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