My best almost-present

Jen here again!  One of my best not-presents this year is cookbook that belonged to my sister-in-law, Romi.  Romi completed a culinary arts course in Salt Lake, and she was able to work in the industry in the years before she passed away.  I just discovered that some of her books are at my in-law’s house, and on Christmas Eve I borrowed Moosewood Restaurant Low-Fat Favorites (scroll down to see the book in the link) from The Moosewood Collective published in 1996.  I’ve had the book for a week, and have loved reading through it.    I have several sticky note tabs and have cooked two recipes already (Greek Spinach Rice Balls and Banana Muffins).  My kids have liked both of them, and I will share them in later posts, with my notes and suggestions.

I suppose, someday, if asked, I might consider returning the book . . . but since my brother-in-law is up smoking sausage for his New Year’s Eve party (I know – I’m sure there’s a joke in there somewhere), I may get to enjoy this book for quite some time.

2 thoughts on “My best almost-present

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