Sugarbun Loaf

It’s an annual Christmas tradition for my husband’s family to make Sugarbun Loaf on Christmas Eve, and get everyone together after the milking has been done and dinner eaten. I have only been party to it once, but it was a nice evening around the table with three generations discussing the world and life and the holiday season. But that was years ago, so I might be inflating the details.
Sugarbun Loaf is named for the near by “mountain,” Mt. Sugarloaf. I think the idea of it being a mountain is also inflated (as we currently life in the shadow of 11,000+ mountains), but it’s all they have so I guess they can call it what they want. This year, we were the ones to carry on the tradition, as we found out Christmas Eve that it wasn’t part of the New England festivities.
It is essentially monkeybread, but not quite. And to be honest, I will probably make a few changes to get a chewier dough next year and a gooier coating. So, while I could post a recipe here, good baking books will have a recipe for monkeybread (which is a terrible name because there aren’t any monkeys, or even bananas, in it), and if you include pecans, brown sugar and lots of butter, you’re in. It’s nice to have a tradition that we can carry on, even when we’re far away.
It helps to use a spoon or fork to yank it out of the tube pan – that’s why there is one in the middle. And as a rule, this must be consumed with a lot of milk, and we won’t discuss whether organic or conventional milk is better. It has already caused at least one disagreement over Sugarbun Loaf.

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