Food Blog awards?

I just found out about the Well-Fed Network’s Annual Food Blog Awards. Apparently, this is a big deal in the Food Blog World, which apparently we’re not quite part of yet. But with that said, I think it’s time to try to sneak in. There are 14 categories and it only takes a single nomination to be considered (more nominations doesn’t get you more points).

While I would love to see us nominated, I don’t think we’re eligible because I took a break for a few months – better luck next year, right? BUT I think there are so many excellent blogs out there and I look forward to seeing the winners and learning from them. Nominations are only open until THIS FRIDAY, so pick your favorites and submit them for nomination.

These are the categories:

1. Best Food Blog – Chef

2. Best Food Blog – City

3. Best Blog Covering Drinks (Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic)

4. Best Food Blog – Family/Kids

5. Best Food Blog – Group

6. Best Food Blog – Humor

7. Best Food Blog – Industry

8. Best Food Blog – Photography

9. Best Food Blog – Post

10. Best Food Blog – Rural

11. Best Food Blog – Theme

12. Best Food Blog – Writing

13. Best New Food Blog

14. Food Blog of the Year

Here’s another link to the site

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