WWE Smackdown: Round 1 (Shopping Smart)

At least that is what Amanda has dubbed this new series of shopping smart articles.  We will beat the system and make our money work for us!  It makes me giggle so we’ll run with it.

I live on a budget and pinch my pennies.  Our family of four allocates $100 per week to purchasing groceries & household items and building a food pantry in our basement as emergency storage.  Since I spend so much time seeking out inexpensive groceries, I may as well share the food related finds on this page.

My goal in grocery shopping is to find quality items at inexpensive prices.  I tend to seek out more simple, natural, and organic items when possible and suppliment with a few things like cake mixes, macaroni & cheese boxes, and canned soups (especially Campbells chicken noodle- childhood memories.)

Here is a fabulous tool where local grocery ads are matched with Manufacturer’s Coupons.  You can search a specific store’s ad and the site tells you how to compound your savings by using your newpaper coupons simultaneously with the stores discounts.  It gets a bit overwhelming for me at times because I am a pen and paper kind of gal, but this website comes in handy when I haven’t recieved my ads in time for the weekly Wednesday shopping trip.

http://grocerysmarts.com/utah/lists/splashg84rcm.php  This link is for Utah only, but other states are listed with a code.  Just google it.
www.pinchingyourpennies.com is a similar site.  Same functions, different layout.  I like this site better because you can choose which dates to look up for each store.  Harmons is not listed on this site.

Sales worth watching this week, 1/6 to 1/12:
Reams:  Produce- Great deals on produce and often they seek out local farmers
Albertsons:  Some ridiculous sale where you recieve $15 towards your next shopping trip if you spend $30 on specific items.  Many are great deals when used with other coupons.  Most likely I will spend the $30, get the voucher and then turn around and use it on my other groceries.  But that’s me.  Albertson’s sales are good for building up pantry items.
Costco:  Coupons are active.


3 thoughts on “WWE Smackdown: Round 1 (Shopping Smart)

  1. Okay, here is a post-shopping experience note.

    The Albertsons spend $30 sale is a huge mess and so confusing that neither the cashier or the lady behind me in line could quite figure it out. SO, I skipped that deal.

    Albertsons DID have two coupons in their weekly ad to double your coupons. So my three $1.00 off coupons were really $2 off- woohoo! Plus there were other good sales throughout the store.

    Even with my necessary purchases for company this week (meaning more expensive, non-sale items) I spent $57 for $88 worth of groceries. I may be silly and need extra positive affirmations, but I just love these kinds of receipts. It is my own “Congratulations, job well done,” that I wish to hear but seldom do as a stay-at-home mom.

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