One delicious sandwich, please.

We had an impromptu visit by some friends the other night, and it was very welcome. (We played a new game, and Matt won, even though he had no idea what was going on for the most part.) The only catch was that for dinner, I was planning on having sandwiches – not your average entertaining food. With a mostly empty fridge (except for the carrots and a whop-load of milk), I sucked it up and made the sandwiches. The ingredients were good, and the plan was a clean one – a combination of a recipe and my husband’s ideas, and the execution was very simple. Let’s just say, simple worked in our favor, as did a lot of luck. And then I ate it again the next day for lunch. I’ll probably have it for dinner tonight.
Hot Pastrami with Sauerkraut and Jarlsberg
8 slices rye bread
16- to 24-oz thinly sliced pastrami – the Costco stuff is excellent
Sliced Jarlsberg – enough to cover the face of all 8 slices of bread
Sauerkraut – drained
Honey Dijon mustard
3 T melted butter
1. Arrange your 8 slices of bread on a board.
2. Spread a thin layer of honey mustard on every slice of bread.
3. Arrange your cheese so every slice of bread has some – you will have cheese on the tops and bottoms of your sandwich, lucky.
4. Arrange your preferred amount of sauerkraut on four of the slices with cheese, we used about 1/4 c. each.
5. Spread another layer of honey mustard on the kraut.
6. Top with pastrami.
7. Put the top on the sandwich – you know, that slice with just mustard and cheese?
8. Butter the top of that sandwich.
9. Put it butter-side down on a hot pan. , and weigh the whole thing down with something heavy; a dutch oven does nicely.
10. When the bottom is nice and golden, butter the top, and flip it. Weigh it down again.
11. When the new bottom is nice and golden, remove and ENJOY!
The nicest comment was from my friend who said – “Now, why do we go out to expensive meals again? This is better.” I agreed. And cheaper. And I could (and did) do it in my PJs.

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