Wednesdays With Erika

WWE: Round Two

I’m heading out to pickup groceries and here are some of my favorite finds:

Harmons:  In store ad coupon: 10 Vitamin Waters for $5.  (My mommy treat.)
                      In store ad coupon:  Life Cereal 5 for $5

Rite-Aid:  Two store ad coupons for a $25 gift card with prescription transfer.  The pharmacist let me run the two prescriptions separately so I had $50 to pick up household needs.

Maceys:  45 lb. pail of wheat for $19.99
                   20 lb. Brown Rice $9.99
                   25 lb. Whole Wheat Flour $12.99
                   WF Macaroni & Cheese $.39 (I keep these on hand for when 
                            kids come over and aren’t always used to “healthy food”)
Sunflower Market:  All Natural Chicken Tenders $1.57/lb.
                                        Bing Cherries  $1.99 lb


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