Wednesdays with Erika

I am feeling the need for fresh produce and nothing quite fills that void the way our garden did this last summer. While we stored an incredible amount of winter squash, onions, canned tomatoes, fruit pie filling, pureed pumpkin and frozen veggies, it is just not the same as biting into a juicy tomato or crispy cucumber from the vine. Until summer garden season rolls in, I need to settle for imports and even non-organic at times as supplements to our storage. Here are a couple produce deals for this week:

Whole Foods: Golden Delicious Apples, Organic $0.33/lb.
Sunflower Market: (prices assuming you shop on Wednesday for double ads day)
Red Potatoes 2 lb/$1
Summer Squash $0.77/lb.
Cucumbers and Green Bell Peppers $0.50 each
Hot House Cucumber $0.99
Cherry Tomatoes 10 oz. $0.99
Fresh Whole Garlic 5/$1
Grapefruit 4/$1
Cherries $1.99 lb
Braeburn & Jonagold Apples $0.39/lb.
Blueberries & Blackberries 5-6oz. 2/$3

Other grocery ads left a bit to be desired, so our family is doing a major Costco trip. What is on our list?

Milk- Vitamin D
Eggs- Two veg-fed 18 packs
2 Packages of Bananas 
Dried Cranberries- $3 off in-store coupon
Turkey Bacon
Shredded Mozzarella
Bag of Frozen Berries
Case of Rice Milk
Lysol cleaning wipes- $2.50 discount.  I know they aren’t natural, 
            they are my guilty indulgence for bathrooms!
Total: $85

Finally, the last $15 will be spent on produce at Sunflower market tomorrow morning.  (If you try to hit the Wednesday sales in the evening, they are sold out of many items.)  Happy shopping!


One thought on “Wednesdays with Erika

  1. I just discovered a Whole Foods within reasonable driving distance with a huge parking lot. Thanks for sharing their deals too. I’m not used to checking them out. I’ll have to see if it’s the same out here in the SF Bay Area.

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