What’s on your Grocery List? Cornbread Mix

We like chili in our house. A lot. We like it because we can fill it full of vegetables and it can sit in the slow cooker ALL DAY and it only gets better. I probably make it at least five different ways, depending on how spicy I want it, with meat or without meat, or what kind of meat, what kind of beans. I know, who knew chili could be so versatile. Unfortunately, I’ve already talked too long about chili.
But one thing that doesn’t change is what we eat with our chili. It is always (okay, like 90% of the time) cornbread. And it is always the same kind. I have tried the store-bought mixes and they are either expensive and not very good, or cheap and not very good. I have used multiple kinds of cornmeal – who knew there was more than one type? I know. I nearly always buy the stuff in the bulk bin because it’s more fresh and usually organic, and for 99 cents a pound, it’s still a pretty good deal. At the same time, I buy whole wheat pastry flour which is an excellent substitute for all purpose flour in nearly everything (but you can use all purpose), and helps increase the nutty flavor of the cornbread.
I have been making this recipe for several years. It is my favorite. I have two different recipes for mixes here. One with buttermilk powder (which is fantastic stuff) and one without. I usually make mine without because we nearly always have yogurt on hand and I like the flavor a bit better. But if you use the buttermilk powder, it is an easier mix to use (one less messy ingredient to add to the mix.)
I usually make five mixes at time in individual in quart-size zipper bags and then keep them in the freezer (they’ll last longer). It should only take you a few minutes to make them. And don’t forget to label the bags and to slip a copy of your baking directions in the bag for ease later. You’ll thank yourself.
When you actually make the cornbread, you can use brown sugar or honey and you can reduce the amount if you’d like. It’s best served warm with butter and honey, but that’s just our family.
Rather than put both recipes here, you can get them both from the PDF document here: cornbread-mix


4 thoughts on “What’s on your Grocery List? Cornbread Mix

  1. Sounds so good. I’ve never done cornbread with buttermilk. Thanks for the recipes.

    I tried making GF cornbread today– I’ve done it before, but had to try a new recipe today (recipe books are packed already). I think glue would taste better. The trick is all in the flours. I’m going to figure it out though. . .

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