Wednesdays with Erika

Bargain shopping.  Wow, it can be a major pain.  So much effort and time, not to mention frustration if you have children pining out of the cart, hiding in the clothing racks, yelping, whining, needing potty breaks, or all of the above.  

Why in the world do we subject ourselves to this insanity?  It’s all in the name frugality.  Because bargain shopping can be so tedious, many people opt out.  Translation: there are oh-so-many deals to be found.

Basic Rules:
1)  Quality items only.  Junk is never a bargain.
2)  If you do not need the item immediately, the savings needs to be at least 50%, preferrably more.
3)  If you find something you love and will use, purchase in large quantities.
4)  Prepare for a rainy day.  Purchase gifts in advance and have a closet to store them for birthdays, new babies, and holidays.  This way you are able to find high quality gifts for clearance prices. 

This weeks finds:

:  The clearance rack for baby and toddler items is hidden in the boys section and holds the best deals.  After scouring the racks, we came away with:
         Adorable baby sleepers with matching hat (originally $20 for $4) 
         Fleece sleepers (orig. $10 for $2.50)  
         Long-sleeved onesies (both orig. $10 for $2.50) 
         Boys toddler sweatpants for $1.27 (thanks for the tip Amanda)
         We have a 6-year-old friend’s birthday party on Saturday and  found a
                        Speed Racer digital camera (orig. $20 for $7.) 
          The clearance make-up is in the toiletry section.  There I found some
                         all-natural eye shadow (orig. $8 for $1.25.)  
         There were two coupons for $0.75 off suave deoderant from the
                       Sunday newpaper, bringing the cost of a stick to $0.25.   
         Finally, I found a nice rug for our front hallway in greens, creams and 
                         browns for $4.

Sunflower Market has more great deals this week for meat and produce, here’s the link:

Happy Shopping!  Erika


One thought on “Wednesdays with Erika

  1. We always shop the clearance end-caps in Target. The best deals lurk there. I never paid attention until my husband worked at Target while we were in NY. Now I can’t leave the ends alone – I don’t care what’s in the middle.

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