Greek Yogurt for Dessert

Melanie here and it’s time for my first post as I finally found something worthy of your time.

I’m a serious sugarholic and would normally shudder at the thought of a healthy dessert.  Before this week,  I was certain they did not exsit.     

Thanks to my friend Teresa, I now have a new favorite dessert, that’s actually not bad for you with only 4 grams of fat.  Plus, the yogurt is great for your digestive system and berries are one of the best ways to get antioxidents.  

It’s simply Greek yogurt (FAGE 2%), with berries and honey drizzled on top.  So simple, yet divine.  Promise me you’ll use no substitutes.  It must be GREEK yogurt and you can’t leave off the honey.    



One thought on “Greek Yogurt for Dessert

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