What’s on Your Grocery List? …Pinto Beans…

After years of buying cans of beans, slimy and covered in a strange, unidentifiable liquid, I was overjoyed when a sweet hispanic neighbor gave me the dried bean tutorial.  I had been daunted by the major process of boiling and soaking and then cooking the dried beans again just to use them in a recipe.  So tedious and time consuming.   

What a gift this recipe has been!  I will never be able to return the favor, but I can at least share the wealth of knowledge with others.  Think simple.  Think quick.  Think delicious! food-009First, pour two cups (three if you have a large crockpot) out onto your countertop. 

Sort out any broken or shriveled beans and any other rocks or dirt that may be found.food-010Rinse all of the good beans in a colander.food-012

Pour the beans into a crockpot.  Fill with water, about an inch from the top. 

Cook on high for 6 hours.  Add salt to taste around hour 4.   Enjoy!


Goodbye canned beans!  I have also made black beans the same way, though I have not ventured with any others. 

How to use them?

1)  Burritos:  We make burritos about once a week, using raw tortillas cooked in the skillet, corn, cheese, salsa etc.  I always make a bunch of extra burritos to store in the freezer individually for my husband to take to work for lunches or for a quick snack for the kids.

3) Refried Beans:  Mash the beans and add 2 Tbls. olive oil and onion powder to taste (opt.).

2)  Chili:  My boys (especially my husband) are wary of chunky chili, so we tried something new tonight and it was a hit!  Bean Dip Soup.  Really, it was just the chunky chili with 2/3 of it run through the blender.  Served with Amanda’s Cornbread there were no complaints, only happy, healthy eaters!



5 thoughts on “What’s on Your Grocery List? …Pinto Beans…

  1. When I’ve cooked up dried beans, I freeze extras in quart sized bags, about 2 cups of beans and a bit of their liquid, to equal the amount in a standard can of beans (14-16 ounces), so when a recipe calls for a can of beans, I can pull a bag out of the freezer.

    Your cooking technique should work with all of your basic dried beans, adjusting time a bit for size. Bean cooking time is always variable depending on how old the beans are, how humid your day is, how cranky your kids are. Salt should always be added at the end of the cooking time or your beans will end up tough.

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