Good spring food – Asparagus

Jen here! We just enjoyed our first signs of spring here – several pounds of inexpensive asparagus.  It’s the perfect food – easy to prepare, easy to eat, and the kids love it!!!

(Sorry, no photos – you can go enjoy the California Asparagus Commission website for further enlightenment there.)

All I did was snap off the tough ends of the stalks (no knife needed), put them in a sauté pan of boiling salted water, just enough to cover the asparagus, and cook them for a few minutes, until bright green and crisp tender.  Then I drained them, put in them in a serving container with a little bit of ice (dinner was already on the table and I needed to serve them fast), and salted them. That’s it.  There was universal asparagus love around the table.

We’re not a dipping family, but  in “Learning to Cook with Marion Cunningham,” Marion Cunningham recommends a sauce with mayonnaise and splash of sesame oil.  Cooked asparagus can be used in a frittata (like this one from Alton Brown) or salads.

Another way we enjoy asparagus is tossed with olive oil, salt and pepper, and thrown on the grill for a few minutes.  Just make sure you put it cross-ways on the grill or it will slip through, and you don’t want to waste a single spear.  Simplicity really allows the asparagus to shine, and what better way to enjoy this spring vegetable.  We’ll be eating the leftovers, cold from the fridge, one spear at a time, every time we stop by.


5 thoughts on “Good spring food – Asparagus

  1. my wife grew up hating asparagus (because her mom boiled it an made it all slimy). but recently, I’ve been roasting them along with red onions, cauliflower (another of her non-favorites), and bell peppers. I just slice up the peppers, onions, and cauliflower, put them in a pan with the asparagus spears, drizzle olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and minced garlic. coat them. And then throw them in the oven at 450 for 20 minutes or more, turning occasionally.

    This leaves the vegetables with great textures. it brings out the natural sweetness of the veggies. and my wife even eats asparagus and cauliflower now. my 4 y/o son was trying to steal some off her plate last night. he loves it, too.

    • Be broil it (from the America’s test kitchen cookbook) and it’s fast and wonderful. We also love to dip it in a mayo/lemon/hot sauce mix, which is also good with artichokes.

  2. We just had asparagus too! Broiled this time.

    This may sound like a strange combo, but this is a yummy lunch my college roommate and I discovered:

    Quesadilla with a Twist

    Mozzarella Cheese
    Avocado, sliced
    Asparagus, cooked

    Lay tortillas flat on a cookie sheet, cover with cheese and asparagus spears. Bake in 350 degree oven until just melted. Remove from oven, cover half of each tortilla with avocado and fold. Slice in triangles.

  3. That sounds delicious jay. We’ll have to give it a try in our home. My husband is wary of asparagus too but we found a happy medium the other night where he ate the top halves and I ate the bottom. Whatever it takes! 🙂

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