Wednesdays with Erika

It’s grocery time again!  Planning ahead makes such difference in my grocery budget (something I learned AGAIN last week.)

I only have half a budget after indulging myself at the health food store yesterday, but I think it will work out just fine this week. Here’s the breakdown of this weeks finds:

Good Earth (Health Food store)
A case of almond milk for $22
A free range, local beef roast for $12
Protein powder, soy because it has less added sugar,
                 bought in the bulk section, $5
                On the menu: protein bars and smoothies
Multicolored Corkscrew noodles, in bulk, a beautiful
                and veggie infused indulgence at $3.15/ lb.
Agave Nectar, 23 oz for $5.75 on sale
EnviroKids Peanut Butter Panda Puffs on sale for $3.55
                plus an in store $1 off coupon
Snackimals all natural cookies, on sale for $2.75
                plus an in store $0.75 coupon

And there went $50. Now to be really stingy with the last half.
Here are the sale options, as to what I’ll decide, who knows.  🙂

Dan’s Market Grocery Store: CASE LOT SALE:
Canned Vegetables- case of 24 for $12
Canned Beans- case of 24 for $12
Diced Tomatoes- 2 for $1
Suave Shampoo- $0.77 each (plus sunday paper coupon)

Betty Crocker Brownie Mix, 10 for $10

I know brownie mixes aren’t exactly the most natural, but my husband loves them, they are great for quick desserts for unexpected company or procrastinated potluck dishes, and easy to vary.

My latest favorite is spreading peanut butter over the brownies right after they come out of the oven and then sprinking with chocolate chips. So decadent. Must have milk with those!

Sunflower Market:
(Last Weeks sales)
Red and Yellow Bell Peppers- $0.88 each
Grapes- $0.67/lb.
Champagne Mangos- 3 for $1
All Natural Chicken breasts- $1.67/lb.
(This week)
Strawberries- 1 lb. for $1
All Natural London Broil- $1.97/lb.

Happy Shopping!


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