Farmers’ Market, Alameda

We took a quick trip to California for Matt’s work and so I could visit my family. We spent a day with Jen, and while we planned on taking pictures of the experience, mostly we chased two rambunctious toddlers. The after pictures were the real treat as we discovered what we’d found. We ended up making freezer jam that afternoon and it was lovely and SOOO easy. Look for a post about that, and hopefully, if you don’t already, you will soon be taking whatever fruit you can find and making freezer jam to add to everything, mostly yogurt in our house.

Going to the Farmers’ Market gave me hope that one day I, too, might be able to enjoy fresh produce. Probably not the variety and quantity available in the Bay Area, but at least it will be fresh. (I bought cheap strawberries at the store yesterday and while I still used 7 pounds of them, they were nothing like the sweet, tender, fresh goodness we enjoyed from the market.)

(And jen, if you have any pictures or words of rebuttal to add, please do!)


3 thoughts on “Farmers’ Market, Alameda

  1. Thanks for posting the pictures. We went again today – and it seemed like there was just a bit more than the week before – but I came home with less – I guess cash-only does that to you. We’re on our way to Costco – not nearly as fun, but practical.

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