Have I told you about . . . ? (Recipe Roundup)

Jen here!  I just realized I have pictures for lots of food I’ve prepared and haven’t shared.  I’m not going to share recipes right now, but I’ll tell you about some of what I’ve done, and where it’s come from.

My daughter has a couple of great kids cookbooks by Molly Katzen (Salad People and Pretend Soup) and every once in a while we pick a recipe and cook it.  These are absolutely wonderful.  I love reading through them with my daughter – we’ve used them as bedtime stories.  The recipes were all tried and tested in a preschool, so they work well, even with small kids.  This week’s recipe was Sweet Potato Surprise with sweet potatoes and cinnamon apples mashed together.  Very good side dish – and easy to make.


Salad People by Molly Katzen

Mashing the sweet potatoes and apples together

Mashing the sweet potatoes and apples together

Surprised she likes it!

Surprised she likes it!

Up next we have Curried Lentils and Rice from Safely Gathered In (a great food storage how-to blog).  Everybody (kids included) really enjoyed this as a side dish to our oven pancake (you know, that food that has a billion names depending on where you grew up and where your ancestors were from, that pancake that puffs up really tall when you bake it in the oven).


For my next trick, I’ve been working on making a sandwich bread big enough for sandwiches.  I have a favorite white bread recipe from the King Arthur Flour 200th Anniversary Cookbook.  It’s called Walter Sands’ Basic White Bread and it makes two 8″ x 4″ loaves.  I’ve used this successfully as a white bread, and a mixed grain bread (I substitute one cup of whole grain flour).  Recently, I wanted a larger, more sandwich friendly, 9″ x 5″ loaf, so I increased the recipe by half and had 2 wonderful loaves of bread.  It helped that it ended up rising in the pan for longer than usual.  I also made some this week using the whey left over from making lemon cheese (see below) as the liquid in my bread.


Are you still with me?  I’ve got a lot I’ve done over the last month that I want to share.  The next picture is midprocess on our Sloppy Joes (from scratch).  This comes from one of my favorite cookbooks, 1,000 Lowfat Recipes by Terri Blonder Golson.  We feed missionaries from our Church, young men or women serving away from home for 18-months to 2 years.  We have them over for dinner about once a month, and I fix Sloppy Joes for them about every other month.  Almost always, I send a copy of the recipe home with one of them.  Think bell peppers, onions, and celery sautéed together with ground turkey, tomato sauce and spices (Worcestershire sauce, chili powder, mustard powder and a touch of cayenne pepper).  It’s easy.  It’s wonderful.  I’m sorry I don’t have better photos of the finished product.


Okay – we’re nearing the end – we’re coming into my citrus phase.  It hurts, there are so many citrus trees in season here in the Bay Area that aren’t being harvested.  We did harvest from my dad’s house and came home with bags of two types of navel oranges (big and small) and Meyer lemons.  The next week we came home with another huge bag of regular (Eureka?) lemons and Meyer lemons from my husband’s grandmother’s house.  I think I’ve ended up with over 100 fruit.  I’ve tried a few things, including Microwave Lemon Curd using two lemons and one orange.  This recipe came from The Complete Book of Small Batch Preserving – a worthy book to add to your canning cookbook collection, just make sure you’ve the definitive guide from Ball for your most comprehensive resource and reference guide.


Next in my citrus phase is Lemon Cheese from Home Cheese Making, a gift from dear Amanda.  This was so easy, and didn’t require anything more complicated than lemon juice, milk and way to drain the whey (the whey that I put in my bread this week).  I ran out of cream cheese for my bagels, and it worked beautifully (with the lemon curd, too).


Finally, I made Honey (Spiced) Orange Slices from Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving.  This smelled like Christmas in my home when it was cooking.  I immediately put some of the leftover syrup on my oven pancake.  Oh, so heavenly.  I’m still trying to figure out what we’ll eat this with besides pancakes and waffles (I have an excellent recipe for these from the King Arthur book).  It’s recommended to put the orange slices in a salad with a raspberry vinaigrette.  I doubled the recipe, used 11 oranges, and ended up with 11 half-pints of orange slices, and another one of just the syrup.  I also saved the water I boiled the orange slices in at the beginning, added a bit of honey and sugar, and steeped it with the spice bag for a few minutes.  It’s bitter, but it reminded me of orange tea.  If you like tonic water, this may be your “cup of tea” so to speak.




Hungry?  I am.  I think I’m off to have bread, cheese and lemon curd or strawberry jam.  Enjoy!

PS – I just read somewhere that if I mentioned condron.us in my blogpost somewhere that they will include us in their blog-surfing engine.  I wonder what that really means?


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