Wednesdays with Erika

Soooooo, my thoughts on shopping this week are scrambled, hence the delay.   Officially, this would be Thursdays with Erika, but we’ll stick with the original title and blame it on procrastination.

Case Lot sales: There are case lot sales at three different stores. While typically this would be great, I was left somewhat baffles seeing as the pricing we the same and even more expensive on many of the items. It seems that the routine of a “case lot sale” and the emotional urge to spend is being played on by the grocery chains. I understand the need to keep up financially in a challenging economic time, but seriously? I feel it is dishonest, playing on those shoppers who don’t have the time or desire to keep up with pricing.  If you are going to label an item as being on sale, price it lower. Or am I just asking too much?

As for Top Ramen, when did their plastic bag of noodles almost double in worth? Last year Ramen was priced on sale at 12 for a $1. This year, their SALE price is 7 for $1. Playing off the poor families who are trying to get by through financial hard times, working to make meals from the most inexpensive items available? Suspiciously so.

On a lighter note, here are the few sales I came by this week.

Smiths: Hunts canned spaghetti sauce- $0.79 per can (you must buy a whole case for this price)
While Hunts may have additives and such, they are great for back up in a bind & food storage.

Sunflower has produce yet again- Hooray!

Costco: coupons are in effect until Sunday, April 5th
If you don’t have your coupon book, here is the link-
And by the way, how gorgeous is the greenhouse on the ad? One day….

Happy Shopping!


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