Lacking self-control

Today I spent money on things I did not need. I will admit, there are times I cannot contain my “grab and buy” nature. But, while I did not need these items, I don’t need a lot of things that are very useful.
First, we bought a Whirley-pop. Mock if you will, but it was $10 on clearance at Bed Bath and Beyond and it’s much quieter than an air popper, giving us the ability to have popcorn at night while the monkey is in bed. And may I mention that it came with a recipe booklet that has delicious looking popcorn recipes that will make my husband happy as he studies for his big test?
Second, we bought a spinny composter. You know, the one that has a stand and looks like a barrel full of food waste? This isn’t the mesh one, but a near solid plastic one that Costco had. Don’t worry, we had to call four stores before we found one that was actually in stock (after each store verified with differing results in the computer which other stores did and did not have any from Orem to Bountiful).
And then I bought 4 more pounds of strawberries. Could I help myself when they were red and beautiful and only $6? No, no I could not. These are much better than the last batch, and we’ve already made a pretty good dent in them just by slicing them and topping them with a drizzle of agave nectar and a big splash of heavy cream. YUM! It was a nice follow up to our first batch of popcorn.
So, maybe I have spending issues, but at least I try to buy useful things that are decent prices that make my eating/gardening/spoiling husband life better. And I won’t even start on the things I end up returning. It’s obscene.


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