Someone Wrote My Book

I picked a cookbook up at Costco yesterday on a whim. Obviously, with my son in tow, I didn’t peruse it too thoroughly, but it looked good.

I perused it today, and it looks heavenly. There is a recipe for homemade ricotta using vinegar, how to grow a garden with kids, and sections on real foods cooked simply … eggs, dairy (how to make homemade yogurt too), vegetables, chicken, etc. The book gets kudos from Alice Waters, Bobby Flay, and Thomas Keller (owner of the French Laundry). When I write my cookbook in my imagination, it is this one. I guess I should be grateful someone else did the work, I only wish I got some of the money. Okay, and maybe a little bit of the recognition.

I don’t buy many books on a whim these days, but “Family Meals: Creating Traditions in the Kitchen” by Maria Helm Sinskey was an inspired whim. family-meals-bookcover-large

*That being the case, I’m not sure I need to keep this book. It seems sort of redundant.

2 thoughts on “Someone Wrote My Book

  1. So – how big is the book? Is it an oversized Williams-Sonoma book? Or is it much more practical, fits on your counter kind of book? I’ve had either really tiny (“Muffins”-only) cookbook, or really large (“Savoring” series).

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