Caught reading

I’m a pathetic failure on providing recipes these days. The garden, the summer, traveling, and my two-year old have all taken over. I don’t think I need to really even defend myself.

But last night, a strange thing happened. I got caught reading. You know, the “Harry-Potter-I-can’t-stop-reading-must-get-to-the-end” kind of read? But unfortunately, it was the book Savoring Mexico. If you haven’t perused the Williams Sonoma Savoring series, you have missed out on the wonderful gems that they are. If you happen upon the hardback versions, they are nicer, but generally more expensive than the paperbacks.

Suffice to say, I got to the end and found out how it turned out. It turned out delicious. To top it off, at midnight, I needed Mexican food, and I needed it now. Fortunately, we had some tamales in the freezer which stemmed the tide. Summers are rough – like I said, with all of the stuff listed above going on, not to mention a pathetic excuse for A/C and 90 degree days, I haven’t been cooking much.

Word to the wise, don’t pick up a book you can’t afford to finish. I’m just saying …


One thought on “Caught reading

  1. This made me laugh. I have the “Savoring” books up in my bedroom, and Ian loves to look through them. He pulls them off the shelf, drags them onto my bed, then we have to look through them together. Someday, I will take the time to get the right ingredients and cook from them. “Savoring India” beckons me all the time.

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