My husband is a kind and loving man. One of the kindest and most loving. But in this instance he was less than fair in his tactics. I think he’s hoping for some kind of return favor.

He’s headed up to VT and NH next week for business. He’s stopping by here on the way, and asked if there was anything I wanted. Is there anything I don’t want? If anyone can tell me what I MUST HAVE, please let me know. Otherwise, he’ll be packing a second suitcase, and that’s not free anymore.


4 thoughts on “Unfair

  1. I don’t know about gadgets and cookbooks and such but I would INSIST upon Grade B Vermont Maple Syrup…. You can only get it in VT. The best you can get here is Grade A Dark Amber and Grade B is the best of the best. Other than that, good luck picking only a few things! 😀

  2. That’s a hard question. I loved getting their catalog when we lived in Upstate NY because I knew shipping wasn’t going to be very much. Shipping seems so much more expensive from the East Coast out here to CA. Even their cookbooks are great – I’ve got their anniversary book from a while ago, and use it quite often. I love their waffle recipe (easy, no waiting period and makes a lot – enough for freezing, even after feeding our family).

  3. maybe something like their flour to make the delicious looking picture. That is a hard question, cuz everything is I’m sure overpriced! nice for him to at least ask.

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