Five minute bread? Really good bread.

Jen here.  I know I did five-minute cake last time . . . Now bread in five minutes?  “You’re kidding, right?”  I know what you’re thinking.  But – with a bit of prep work, more waiting time and a bit of faith, yes – you can have really great bread in five-minutes of hands-on time.

I got this book from the library, Artisan Bread in Five Minutes by Jeff Hertzberg and Zoë François.  I’m not ready to give the book back, but there are others on the waiting list.  I’ve been hearing about this concept on and off for about the last six months.  I finally decided to try it out.

Artisan bread book and my 5-qt dough bucket

Artisan bread book and my 5-qt dough bucket

I made the dough – which is wet, not kneaded, and stored in your fridge (find a 1.25 gallon ice cream bucket – there have got to be cheap ice cream eaters around you) – last Saturday morning.  Sunday afternoon we celebrated Bud’s birthday with grilled tandori chicken and naan (Indian flat bread).  Admittedly, most of the naan was the excellent bread found in Trader Joe’s freezer section, and then we had a couple of experimental pieces of naan using the dough from the book.  It was fast and easy, cooked on the stove top in a skillet.  The other naan recipe I’ve made involved slapping dough onto hot cookie sheets under the broiler.  On  a hot Sunday afternoon, with many guests, I was very grateful to be able to use skillet rather than sitting on my kitchen floor next to the broiler on the bottom of our stove.

Then the rest of dough has been sitting in my fridge for a week, waiting for me to take action.  I made the standard white boule (master) loaf this morning, and finished up with a couple more pieces of naan.

My first loaf (but definitely not my last)

My first loaf (but definitely not my last)

This bread is so good; sourdough without the care and keeping of a starter.  I’m buying the book.  I have to.  There’s the standard white boule recipe, which can be used for many things, but there are also recipes for various multi-grain breads, sweet breads, and more.  You can do pizza, pitas, flat breads, sweet rolls, rye and oatmeal breads, pastries, and so very much more.  If you want an idea of more, go check out the official site.

And it doesn’t take a lot of time or effort.  It really doesn’t.  And that works for me this very busy school year.

7 thoughts on “Five minute bread? Really good bread.

  1. I love that book!!! Jeff got it for me for Mother’s Day! It’s awesome! I’ve always got bread dough in the fridge now!

  2. I have seen the book, but ignored it, because really … that easy? I’ll give it a whirl now. I need to. I’m running out of time to do everything that needs to happen.

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  4. Hey – I just added a link to the master bread recipe. I didn’t include the recipe directly because I wanted to honor the copyright. I suppose I’ll have to look harder next time I share.

    Try – you’ll like it. Get on the waiting list to borrow the book from the library. Use it for three weeks, turn it in, and buy your own copy. Use it and love it.

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