Summer Recipe Compilation

Hello to all after a summer long hiatus from blogging! Amanda and Jen, have I mentioned lately that you rock?!

In the meantime, my recipe collection grew. I am not a creative cook by any means, blessed with the natural gift of non-measurement and perfect results every time. Rather I am a recipe collector- I find foods that I love and grill family, friends and even strangers for the secret tips. And I have loads to share! Some of my favorites so far have been Charmayne’s salsa, Amanda’s Cherry Conserves, Juno’s Fried Squash Blossoms, Becky’s homemade mustard, “Too Many Cooks” rendition of homemade chicken nuggets (a quality editorial will be coming about that book as well- I love it!) and Kim’s chili sauce if I can get it out of her. I’ll keep you posted (yes, that pun was intended. Sorry.)


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