Five minute pizza? From scratch?

Jen here.  Hey, I’m all about quick and tasty right now.  We’ve gotten busier around here – I’m full-time  homeschooling mom, who spent her first week of school combating seasonal ants!  “A” was supposed to be for apples, not ant invasion on a daily basis (I know, we should call for pest control).


Tomatoes and basil from our garden! Finally - harvest to enjoy!

Anyway, I bought this book that I talked about last time I was here.  I had to give my library copy back because there’s a waiting list . . .

After we got home from church today (about 12:30), I mixed up the “Olive Oil Dough” on page 134.  I only used the storage container, 1 measuring spoon (yeast, salt, and sugar), 2 measuring cups (flour, water and olive oil), a knife for the flour and a wooden mixing spoon.   I let it rise on the counter until it pushed the lid off of my repurposed ice cream bucket, not quite 2 hours – it’s a pleasantly warm day today.  Then I put the bucket in my fridge until about 4:30 this afternoon.  We followed the technique on page 135 for cooking our pizza (550° for about 8 minutes on a pizza stone) and had some of the best homecooked pizza we’ve had in a long time (and we do really like the America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook but this has fewer things to clean up).

The kids made their own kid-sized perfect pizzas (mozzarella and canned black olives, no sauce), which took about 6 minutes too cook.  We then made a couple of adult pizzas, our version of a Pizza Margherita (mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, fresh basil, fancy olives – various green and black, and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil), and a BBQ chicken pizza with previously grilled chicken strips pulled from the freezer, and some of the kid’s canned black olives.  Both were very delicious.  I’m a very contented person right now.

If you’ve heard about “Artisan Bread in Five Minutes” and were uncertain about the technique, give it a shot.  I stayed skeptical for about a year after hearing about it.  I didn’t believe it was that easy (yes, there’s still rising times, but I don’t have to watch or wash my Kitchen Aid).  I can’t wait to try more.  So far we’ve been pleased with every recipe we tried.  Maybe on our next school vacation (or for a school unit study) I’ll try the sweet dough and the breakfast pastries.

You know – I’m seeing fresh hot pizza for lunches on a school day.  Definitely a step up from square school cafeteria pizza.  I’m going to have to get working on my mozzarella production.  See you around the kitchen!

P.S.  The first time I ever saw the man who was going to be my husband, he was tossing pizza dough in the air.  My kids love when he does his pizza tricks on pizza day!  He worked a couple of years at a pizza place in his youth.  You never know where those high school job skills will take you!


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