High-Altitude Baking

Such a boring title, I know, but it’s one that has haunted and plagued me for the last 10+ years, having lived in the high deserts. We live at about 4200 feet in elevation, give or take, and while it seems like baking is baking, deflated cakes, over-risen bread, and hard waffles are all indicative of the weirdness of where we live.

So, I want to share some easy resources I have found for those in similar situations. I have had great success with my last two recipes – Jennifer’s King Arthur waffles and pumpkin cookies – using this information.

The first came out of the King Arthur Flour Baker’s Companion (which is still on my list). I tried to find it online, but to no avail, so I scanned it and included it (link below).

high altitude baking from king arthur

They also recommended I check out the Colorado State Extension Office’s pamphlet. I haven’t tested it yet, but it looks concise and useful.

Thank you King Arthur. I will shamelessly promote your website because I love it. The recipes are wonderful and I wish I owned (and had room to store) all of your nifty gadgets.


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