Isn’t this a food blog?

So where’s the food, you ask? Well, here’s the scoop and a few solid reasons for the lack of yummy recipes.

First, we’re having a baby in April and until recently, I couldn’t handle the sight of meat, vegetables, and the smell of tomatoes was atrocious, which is a terrible thing for someone who had 50 tomato plants during the worst of the morning sickness. I still got four batches of salsa, one batch of ketchup, a batch of chili sauce, and a batch of weird yellow tomato butter in, but it was all I could do to survive.

Second, we’ve moved into project mode. With the #2 on the way, the need to finish the basement has moved WAY up in priority. Our house is already pretty small, but without a play area for big brother (aka #1), life could be hard. Thus, more house projects are being done and simple dinners made. It doesn’t leave much space for including recipes when it’s buttered noodles and a salad or a bean, rice, and cheese burrito.

Third, we’re improving our perspective on food as a family. For a long time, I had assumed the role of procuring, preparing, and budgeting for whole and healthy and local foods, which can be tricky when it bucks the trend of nearly everyone we know and everything we see everyday. The whole, healthy, local foods conglomerate isn’t quite as well funded as the food industry is on marketing and packaging. I would often cave and get “normal” food, which isn’t normal, but often easier. My husband who has always been supportive has recently become a much more active participant in our efforts, and for that I am very grateful.

Fourth, many of my recent attempts at special cooking adventures have failed. I’m okay with that, but again, I’m not one to post bad recipes because that’s a waste of space.

You may hear more about our food choices in the future, and while it’s won’t be all recipes or awesome ideas, hopefully it will be a window into a world of you might not know very well. We’ll be back to recipes in no time.

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