Garden to CSA

We are huge fans of gardening, and generally love doing it. We have been a part of a community garden for the last two summers, but for a number of reasons, are letting it go. In fact, our first seed catalog showed up this week and I devoured it with only a little bit of wistful longing. On a snowy day like this though, driving back and forth between home and our garden seems like a silly idea.

Silly, especially in light of our recent find. We have purchased a share in a CSA from Orem, UT, which is about 40 minutes south of here. This is the farm’s first year doing a Community Supported Agriculture program, but have been providing produce to local restaurants for a while now.

The CSA is the Heritage Harvest CSA from Jacob’s Cove Farm, and there are some major perks to this choice. Most CSAs begin in June and end in October with the frost, the same time all of the farmer’s markets are open (which isn’t as helpful if, like me, you love going to farmer’s markets). Many have pick-up locations. Most have about two months of greens and every other delivery is full of a bunch of the same stuff – lots of corn, lots of tomatoes, or lots of cucumbers. Heritage Harvest will be different.

By using a solar powered greenhouse, our first share will come in February. FEBRUARY! I was married in February, and I tell you, it is not a time for the faint of heart or vegetables to be outside.
It will be delivered to our house in an attractive cedar box.
Every delivery will have tomatoes, and a variety of other vegetables BEYOND greens. This variety will continue throughout our share.
Delivery will be weekly, unless we want to take a week off, at which point we can postpone a delivery and lengthen our CSA time. We purchased a full share with the intention of having delivery every other week.
Everything is grown sustainably.
Every week, we will get an email asking if we want delivery, and if so, what vegetables we would PREFER! They will look at our preferences and try to match them to our delivery! Ha, try getting that option elsewhere.
Other products from local Utah producers will also be made available for purchase to be delivered with our weekly share.

This is a CSA I can really get behind, well, at least in theory. Obviously, deliveries start in February, but I look forward to a spring and summer of fresh local produce that I believe in. Not to mention, with a new baby, that I don’t have to work as hard for!

If you aren’t in the Salt Lake or Utah county area, check out Local for options in your area!


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