CSA gets a temporary THUMBS DOWN

Remember that awesome CSA that we were so excited to be signed up for that was going to start delivery next month? I am learning that some things are too good to be true, especially if it seems like it is.

We got an email today that they had miscalculated on some things and would be unable to start delivery next month, would refund our money, and would put us on the list for when they do start. Alas, we will not be receiving tomatoes and cucumbers locally grown delivered to our house in February in a cute cedar box. We will, like everyone else, be buying stuff at stores and growing whatever we can in our silly little house and tiny yard.

That put a big thumbs down on my morning, but yoga helped cheer me up a bit. So did a shower before 2pm. And hey, I get that money back and maybe I can use it to buy a bathtub for our basement, or at least a toilet and a sink.


One thought on “CSA gets a temporary THUMBS DOWN

  1. Try Winder Farms. I love it! Fresh locally grown produce, you can do their produce box, it is like $15, and it changes every week based on what is in season. If you do sign up, use me as your referral so I get a credit.

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