Don’t like these, but do like this!

So, we had a goal to try a new vegetable every week in our home this year. Not really a resolution, so much as something we wanted to try as we wandered down our quasi-vegetarian path. We’ve failed, but that’s largely because I chose Sunchokes as my first new vegetable.

Suffice to say, we don’t like them. I know, I’ve only tried them one way, but they were too strong of a flavor to really go with anything. It was like a weird mix between potatoes and artichoke hearts, and that’s just not right. Maybe I’ll try them 19 more times and like them eventually (it’s supposed to work with kids), or I will leave their hefty price tag at the store and try something else. Or maybe I’ll stick with potatoes and artichokes, because they’re good independently.

On the other hand, we tried Peter Berley’s Coconut Sweet Potato and Collard Greens Soup, from his Fresh Food Fast cookbook (and I may have murdered both the title of the book and the soup name, but you get the idea), and it was delightful. My two-year-old finished off his whole bowl and my husband double checked the fridge later that night to make sure some was packed for his lunch. I’m no southerner, so this is the first time Collard Greens have made a positive impression on me. Kale would probably have been a great substitute also.


One thought on “Don’t like these, but do like this!

  1. So happy you tried the soup and everyone liked it! I think we’ve now made it like 5 times. I put too much lime juice in mine last night and it made it a little sour, but man it’s so good. I love how collard greens look like jungle leaves.

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