Okay, that’s not entirely true, but I think the three of us that wanted to make this work are up to our eyeballs in everything. I will have a baby in less than four weeks (induction should she be stubborn), but very likely sooner as I’m due more than a week prior to that, and am trying to get everything ready, which with this one is more work than our first. I’m also feeling less than dedicated to making good, clean food because by about 5pm, I’m not much for walking (it’s the feeling of pelvic breakage that really keeps me down) so that makes dinnertime tricky. I did make some granola today, and dinner (although, like most of our dinners these days, it involved a lot of eggs).

If there are those of you that actually check this, forgive us for not doing better at posting. We are committed, just distracted. I guess we’re just to busy living right now, and isn’t that better than sharing random recipes and talking about food?

I’m off to go and sew cloth wipes for our cloth diapers. Maybe I’ll get my ingredients ready to bake this bread tomorrow, and who knows, I might even get some laundry done and stains out of the wonderful pile of secondhand girl clothes we’ve been blessed with. Thank you friends and neighbors! We will have a beautifully dressed little girl for months and months!


One thought on “S-L-AckE-R

  1. Ummm, yeah. What Amanda said. I’ve been making things that I think I should post . . . but I don’t take pictures and I don’t sit down and write about the simple, tasty veggie rice pilaf (called “Lehi’s Rice” from the “World Wide Ward Cookbook”) that we just made with the last of last year’s carrots from our garden, or how wonderful coconut oil makes our big-batch waffles. Only, we’re not having a baby, just sending clothes to Amanda. I probably wouldn’t write about the Girl Scout cookies we’ve been selling, or how many times we’ve opted for way too fast food that generally comes with small plastic toys.

    I might write about the spring garden of neglect that’s growing up – do you think self-sowing parsley might make a good ground cover? That’s what it’s trying to do. I’m also hoping all the self-sowing from dill last year hosts ladybugs again. I’m wondering what’s eating all of our volunteer sunflower seed sprouts (I’m guessing it’s roly-pollys), and I’m debating on the best method to remove the ant colonies from my planter boxes (I’m trying really hard to stay away from toxic sprays, but I need to do more research).

    I might even write about the other things I’ve tried with my 5-minute bread, but I haven’t even done that much. Although, if you have the book, make the Challah dough and then the Pecan Sticky Buns, it would be worth your efforts.

    See – we’re doing stuff, just not blogging about it.


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