Cashew Milk

So, we are really digging almond milk, but the stuff is pricey at over $3 a half gallon. Also we have been buying kid 1 soymilk because she’s not a fan of the almond variety. Kid 2 is not a fan of any non-dairy milk yet so after reading Amanda’s post on almond milk, I decided to whiz up my own cashew milk in my Blendtec (have I mentioned I am in love with this amazing machine?). Here is my recipe, I wanted it to still be pretty creamy so that the kids would be into it-  so my nut to water ratio is different to Amanda’s

1 C. Raw Cashews, soaked overnight, drained and rinsed

6 C.  Filtered Water

pinch of  Sea Salt (to help it retain freshness)

I did this in half batches in the blendtec so it wouldn’t overflow (yeah, something I learned the hard way). The result was beautiful, creamy and deliciously tasty. I also didn’t need to strain it since the cashews dissolve completely during the blending process, so no waste or trying to figure out what to do with the de-fatted meal. I put it in quart jars and feel very happy about having reusable containers instead of the aseptic ones that I have been buying at the store and can’t recycle. Verdict: adults and kid 1 are in love, kid 2 gagged and wouldn’t eat it, even on his organic fake brand honey nut cheerios. Blast, it is going to be tricky to get him off dairy.

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5 thoughts on “Cashew Milk

  1. I forgot to mention that we’ve started diluting S’s milk and today was 75% almond and 25% dairy and he didn’t even notice. It helped that it was cocoa, but eventually, i think i’ll win.

    • Got to keep working on that one at our house. KG is the only one still consuming dairy products. Soy, cashew, almond, coconut milks all make him gag. Sigh.

  2. Also, do you have a good source for cashews? They’re pricey and that’s for the non-organic ones. I wish they were “really” raw, not just untoasted, but then I guess we’d all be poisoned and that’s not really a good idea, is it?

    • I know, I discovered a few years ago that cashews aren’t really raw. Bummer. I have been buying mine either at Good Earth in the bulk section, or at our Smith’s Marketplace bulk section. They are more pricey, but the ease of use, no waste and the fact that we just really love cashews makes it ok. It is still cheaper then buying almond or soy milk commercially, so I figure I’m still ahead. I wonder if we could go in together and get a case or something at a better price, we should research it.

      Hubby brought organic whole milk home for K last night, he still isn’t into cashew, almond or soy so I have just been buying the RBST free kind, but I thought it was really sweet and wondered why I hadn’t been doing that. If he is going to consume dairy, I definitely don’t want anti-biotics in it and I prefer it comes from happy cows!

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