Day 3 Week-long Green Smoothie Challenge

I walk around everywhere feeling like I know some sort of secret. Really it’s not a secret, everyone knows that eating fruits and vegetables is good for you. The problem is most of us are not consuming nearly enough fruits and veggies a day. It’s not as likely that you will crave too many sweets if you are eating 3-5 pieces of fruit a day.  Similarly, it’s unlikely you will overeat if you are consuming 5-9 servings of veggies a day. A recent study showed that french fries are the most common vegetable children consume in the U.S. and that juice accounts for 40% of children’s fruit intake. Scary!

No wonder we are so fat as a nation and so nutritionally deprived!

Here is my fruit and veggie intake for the day:  I switched it around a bit and had my second smoothie as my afternoon snack instead of lunch (and I was so not nutritionally deprived!)

Breakfast: Green smoothie made with 5 c. packed Kale, 2 Bananas, 2 C. Spectrum fruit blend, quarter lemon, 2 T. ground flax, 4 C. water and stevia to taste (this made 2 quarts, I put one in the fridge for later). It tasted a bit bitter at first, but the more I drank it, the more I fell in love with it!

Lunch: I had 2 C. of the leftover soup from yesterday

Afternoon Snackage: 2nd Green Smoothie

Dinner: 2 C. Organic Baby greens topped with 1 C. garbanzo beans, and 1 diced tomato. I know I didn’t go crazy on this salad, but it was late and I was tired so I made it simple. I topped it with a new dressing! Yeah for Chef A.J. pulling through for me yet again. Here is the link to her Take 5 dressing. Man was it tasty, I used half of the recipe on my salad. As Chef A.J. said in a super supportive email to me “When you eat WHOLE FOOD with fiber and without oil you get too full to overeat.” LOVE YOU CHEF A.J.!

Here are my stats for the day: Did you notice there is zero mg of cholesterol on all on any of my days? That’s because CHOLESTEROL IS ONLY FOUND IN ANIMAL PRODUCTS. Eating plants is good for your heart! And again, I take a good multivitamin supplement to cover any other nutrient deficiencies like the iron and calcium below.



under 1,400


under 245 g
226 g 76%x


under 63 g
47 g 16%x


under 19 g
11 g 9%x


over 8 glasses
8 glassesx



Dietary Fiber

over 25 g
58 gx

Saturated Fat

under 16 g
1 gx

Trans Fat

under 2 g
0 gx


under 300 mg
0 mgx


under 1,400 mg
1055 mgx




under 88 g
82 gx

Vitamin A

over 2,333 IU
9991 IUx

Vitamin C

over 75 mg
601 mgx


over 1,000 mg
738 mgx


over 18 mg
16 mgx

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