Week-long Green Smoothie Challenge Day 7

Final Stretch! A clairvoyant 😉 yoga teaching friend of mine visited yesterday and brought me a lovely bag of Spectrum Chia Seeds! (Something she says she would never think of giving someone as a gift). How did she know that I had been out of chia for weeks, but hadn’t wanted to make a special trip to the health food store? Gotta love good Karma! Thanks Carolyn!

I first learned about chia seeds when I read “Born to Run” last year by Christopher McDougall. In the book he describes them almost as a magical energy source consumed by the Tarahumara Indians who live in Copper Canyon in Mexico and run 100 miles at a time while barely breaking a sweat. Scott Jurek, a vegan ultra-runner joins them in an amazing race at the height of the story. Love the book, it’s a hoot and totally worth a read for runners and non-runners alike!

I didn’t sample them however, until my brother Curtis gave me a taste of his chia seed drink while we were running Ragnar Relay Wasatch Back last year. I thought, hmmm, interesting!  It’s incredibly good for athletes as a source of fuel in the form of healthy fats and protein. It also aids with retaining hydration. Nutritionally, chia seeds pack a similar punch to flax seeds in the form of essential fatty acids (omega 3’s), but they don’t have to be ground in order for your body to absorb the nutrients.

Here is what I ate today:

Breakfast: 5 C. packed organic baby spinach, 2 medium bananas, 2 C. frozen berry blend and 4 C. water. Notice no flax, that’s because I added 1.5 T. of chia seeds to my smoothie after I blended it. The chia seeds absorb water and expand. The best way I can describe the effect is they are like a little poppy seed inside a granule of cooked tapioca after they are soaked in liquid, kinda like little frog eggs! If the texture bothers you, you can always blend the chia seeds into the smoothie!

Again, this made 2 quarts, I drank one for breakfast and saved one in the fridge for later.

Mid Morning Snack: 1 cup of remaining leftover veggie soup (I froze it earlier in the week in 1 C. portions)

Lunch: Second green smoothie

Afternoon Snack: 3 C. steamed zucchini seasoned with a dash of red pepper flakes and 1 T. bragg’s liquid aminos.

Dinner: 2 C. of my favorite Morrocan Lentil Soup. I all ready posted it on the blog, but here is the challenge approved recipe (few minor adjustments!) You can use any lentils you like, but the red ones really give it a beautiful color.

Morrocan Lentil Soup

2 large onions, chopped

2 C. carrots, chopped

4 cloves minced garlic

1 heaped t. ground coriander

2 heaped t. ground cumin

1 t. turmeric

2 t. smoked paprika

1 t. ground cinnamon

1/2 t. ground black pepper

1/2 to 1 t. crushed red pepper flakes

8 C. water

2 T. better than bullion’s vegetable base

1 28 oz can crushed tomatoes

2 C. dry red lentils, rinsed and picked over

1/2 C. chopped fresh parsley

1/4 C. chopped fresh cilantro

juice of one lemon

Directions: Cook all ingredients except last 3 on stove-top for 30 minutes in large saucepan or in crock-pot on low for 6-8 hours. For texture variation you can pulse it a few times with a stick blender. Add lemon, parsley and cilantro just before serving. This recipe is adapted from my husband’s sister. She made it at our house one time, it was utterly divine. It is one of my favorite meals, I could eat it at least once a week. I really like sticking it in the crock-pot because it saves kitchen time and it thickens really beautifully, just make sure you use a really big crock-pot so it doesn’t boil over the edges! This makes 6 two cup servings and keeps really well in the fridge for leftovers.
Here are the stats for my final day:


under 1,400


under 245 g
206 g 76%x


under 63 g
46 g 17%x


under 19 g
8 g 6%x


over 8 glasses
8-1/3 glassesx

Dietary Fiber

over 25 g
56 gx

Saturated Fat

under 16 g
1 gx

Trans Fat

under 2 g
0 gx


under 300 mg
0 mgx


under 1,500 mg
1405 mgx


under 100 g
73 gx

Vitamin A

over 2,333 IU
6623 IUx

Vitamin C

over 75 mg
135 mgx


over 1,000 mg
651 mgx


over 18 mg
18 mgx

9 thoughts on “Week-long Green Smoothie Challenge Day 7

  1. I made the House Dressing last night for my salad. HELLO nutritional yeast! Where have you been all my life. I licked the bowl clean. (really, I put my face in the bowl and licked it clean). I bought Lentils last night to make the soup.

    • I am laughing my butt off right now! I can’t count the number of times I have just taken a swig straight out of the house dressing jar when no one is looking! Nutritional Yeast has become one of my favorite ingredients. The fact that it’s also packed with protein, nutrients and crazy amounts of B-vitamins is just a sweet bonus! You should get the book Unprocessed by Chef AJ who created the recipe. Her desserts are insane! Your son would love them and like the book says, every recipe in UNPROCESSED.

      • I looked up my new love called nutritional yeast last night and found a good idea I plan to try when I am done with my green smoothie week: sprinkle over popcorn

      • Oh man that sounds so so good! I am going to support my spouse this week while he does the challenge but I’m taking a one day break today and I think popcorn with nutritional yeast is at the top of my snack list! Woohoo!

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  3. Never heard of chea chips!! Some day I will try!

    So wonderful your diet. Everyone should try it once in a while to notice the difference that “we are what we eat”!! I say that as a meat eater but my percentage of meat to veggies and fruit is tiny.

    And all the different diets I’ve gone through in my life will someday appear in my blog!! Me, always for health benefits. Definitely don’t need weight loss. Would rather like a few kilos extra:-)

    Love n happiness I wish you!!

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