The former South Beacher gone Vegan (maybe)

I have been eating vegan for 10 days now and I am FREAKING out over the carbs. I jumped on the south beach diet wagon10 years ago and have more or less eaten that way since. I don’t want to gain weight, I also want  to be healthy. I started South Beach to lose weight, but stuck to it for the health benefits. There are so many “right ways” to eat, how do you know which one is right? ie Gluten is bad, meat is bad, carbs are bad, fat is bad AHHHHHH!

I am sticking to the vegan way for now, but, as I said, FREAKING out.  I made the Spicy-Smokey-black Bean soup for dinner yesterday. It was DELICIOUS. I also enjoyed some Black bean, Quinoa Bread. Love this bread, very easy to make, just dump everything in my Bosch, rise and then into the oven.

Quinoa Black Bean Bread


(this is the last 1/8 of the loaf—I told you I love this bread)


¼ c fresh ground black bean flour

1 C hot water

½ c sour dough starter (mine is from my mother–supposedly came across “the plains” but you can order on Amazon and sour dough has lots of health benefits not to mention tasty!)

½ c cooked quinoa

4 T olive oil

2 t salt

4 T maple syrup

1 T yeast

2-3 cups fresh ground whole wheat flour

Place all ingredients in mixer, add ½ the flour and sprinkle yeast over top. Start mixer and add flour until dough pulls away from edges. Knead for 6 mins, remove from mixer, form free standing loaf (big ball) let rise on baking pan until doubled. Bake at 350  degrees 20-25 mins

11 thoughts on “The former South Beacher gone Vegan (maybe)

  1. I really, really need to make that bread!

    I know it’s hard to stop freaking out about carbs! Stick with it and I promise your body, mind, spirit and especially your waistline will thank you! As long as you are sticking with whole, plant-based foods you will have a healthy body weight!

    While I am sure there is such thing as a chubby vegan, I doubt there are any chubby plant-based vegans!

    p.s. I want to take you to lunch for your late birthday next week!

    • Lets do it! So glad you are feeling good. It took me a few weeks before I started feeling really great because my body was eliminating so many toxins. Andrew has got to be over the moon!

  2. He is monitoring me with trepidation–he is also more willingly helping out in the kitchen. He rolled and cut his own pasta yesterday with no prodding from me. He still doesn’t want to eat any green vegetables, but one step at a time. I did get him a vegan multi-vitamin that a vegan friend recommended and he has taken it 3 days in a row without threats from me!

    • I love it! I have the same green veggie issue with my 3 year old. He does the green smoothie, but I have to sneak greens into anything else he eats. I figure if I keep putting it in front of him, eventually he will eat it! Multi-vitamins will definitely help him!

    • That’s awesome because I just checked the label on his current gummy vitamin, and sure enough, it has gelatin as an ingredient :/

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