These are a few of my Favorite Things

Yes, sing it to the tune. This blog post isn’t about food…. Shhh! It’s about some of the products I love that I can’t live without. Since going plant-based, I realized that if I wasn’t putting garbage into my body via food, why would I put garbage and chemicals in my home or on my body via product? Just because my friends are starting to call me the ‘Hippie-Vegan Obama-Lover’ doesn’t mean I want to look all crunchy granola! So as you can imagine, I had to revamp some of my makeup, lotions, potions, cleaning products and more. Some of these products are “natural” but may not be from perfect companies.  I’m okay with that and I am making steps in the right direction! Here are the ones I am using right now that I love the most:

Everyday Minerals: This is my favorite makeup hands down! I have been using their products for over 5 years now. In the past I used almost all of the “fancy” department store brands and have spent some serious cash on makeup. NO MORE. This is a super affordable product from an environmentally friendly, vegan and organic company. It absolutely beats the pants off mega-giant Bare Minerals, Bare Escentuals, or I.D. or whatever it’s not really natural product name is. They have DOZENS of foundation colors so you are sure to get your exact match. “How do you get the exact match?” You ask? Well, they provide you with FREE SAMPLES of their products so you can find your perfect shades.  I use the foundation, blush, bronzer, concealer, eyeliner, eyeshadows and more from these guys.  They offer 25% off when you order your own 3 product customized kit!

Oh Burt’s Bees, how do I love you? let me count the ways! While I daydream about the lusciousness of their must always have with me at all times classic bees-wax lip-balm that makes my breath all minty fresh. I realize this product IS NOT Vegan. I’m okay with that, just like I am okay with honey. That may change someday, but for now I moisturize with their lotions and potions and use their shampoos and conditioners, and color my lips with their minty lip shimmers, and use their lovely baby powder as an affordable dry shampoo. Use promo code SPRING25 to get $5 bucks off a purchase online.

Thank you Neutrogena for coming out with a natural skin care line that I can find at a local grocery store! Girls lets talk moisture. These lotions are the bomb. I use the day cream, the night cream and the makeup remover. It’s in my budget and I love the way it makes my skin look and feel. Oh, and here is a coupon to make it even more affordable!

Doterra: Okay Okay! I know this is an M.L.M. but I bought some oils at a local health food store and was so mad when I got home because the label said “for aromatic use only”. Doterra’s oils are medicinal grade and can be used both internally and externally. I have spared my children from taking antibiotics twice in the last few months because I used these oils. We used On Guard for strep throat and Lavender and Melaleuca to treat an ear infection. The Lavender helps us sleep better too. Seriously in love with these products!

Norwex: These products are seriously out-of-control-environmentally-friendly. Imagine cleaning your whole kitchen, every surface disinfected and shiny and glorious, including GLASS AND MIRRORS and stainless steel appliances in minutes with just a cloth and water! I seriously can see my reflection on my granite counter-tops after cleaning them with this product. Getting the amazing enviro-cloth even made my husband interested in cleaning the kitchen (NO KIDDING). The products are microfiber woven with antibacterial silver fibers. The cloths pick up the bacteria on surfaces without spreading it around and the built-in silver allows the cloth to disinfect itself. Best part, they only need to be washed once a week and don’t get all stinky and stiff like a normal dish cloth does! Woohoo!

Physician’s Formula Organic Wear Makeup: So my above mineral makeup company, Every Day Minerals doesn’t make a mascara 😦 I am a serious mascara girl! Unfortunately, most mascara is basically nasty, chemically laden boot polish  equivalent. This mascara however is the first natural one I have tried that gives me big full lashes and (mostly) stays put. I will put up with a tiny bit of smudging and flaking in exchange for not having chemicals so near my eyeballs! I’m sure their other organic wear makeups are great too, just can’t part with my mineral brand to branch out. p.s. this is one of the giveaways for a Green Smoothie Challenge Winner.

Lululemon: Ok, so this isn’t necessarily a ‘natural product’ but the company is based on yoga and running clothing which helps us workout junkies achieve our perfect Zen while looking amazing. The company also gives back to charity and has yoga ambassadors all over the world.  It’s my favorite brand of running clothing at the moment. Isn’t that the cutest running skirt you have ever seen?!? Their stuff is crazy expensive so I try to add one piece at a time and go without cute jeans, wear worn out shoes and cut back on other things so I can rock the lulu while hitting the trails.


7 thoughts on “These are a few of my Favorite Things

  1. After I have my baby and get a modicum of my body back, let’s go to lululemon in park city and buy something just because it’s cute even though it’s ridiculously expensive.

  2. I love Burt’s Bees! I picked up a grapefruit lip gloss a few weeks ago and love it – it’s such a nice pick-me-up mid afternoon in my stuffy office!

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