Not all here …

Not that anyone really needs to know, but we’ve entered the hiding stage with two weeks to go. Our meals have been hit and miss (sometimes Matt makes guacamole and salsa and that’s dinner for two nights in a row) – but we’re sticking with a whole foods plant based diet for the most part. Last night we got a pizza from Costco with only veggies and half with cheese, the kids still dig it. I ate my quarter of pizza (I was starving) and wanted more, so I tried a bit of the pizza with cheese. Three bites of it was more than enough and it just didn’t taste good. I was surprised, so surprised! I love cheese, don’t I? I just wanted more pizza without cheese and lots of veggies!

So, if you don’t hear from me, you’ll know we’re hunkering down. It’s been a rough road, but at least at this very moment I feel alright and that is awesome. The first seeds of our garden are planted – spinach, peas, rutabagas, green onions, with hope for more, but I’m not sure who is going to plant said seeds …

I doubt I’ll chronicle things for awhile, but if I find something amazing, I’ll hopefully at least get the recipe up! Next stop – a baby boy!!!!


2 thoughts on “Not all here …

  1. I wondered if that would happen to me. The dairy that is still left in my house for the youngest who I can’t figure out how to wean from it is starting to smell like really stinky gross cows breath to me. :/ I used to love dairy! I did however accidentally have it in some gelato my spouse said was dairy free. I was sick for 2 days. I must have had a hidden allergy!

    We have ordered the Costco pizza veggies only with half no cheese before too. Next time I think I will only do a quarter or eighth cheese since all of us non cheese eaters wanted more!

    Bunker down! I have some freezer soups for you when we meet up next week.

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