Beauty and Motivation for Race Season

I am training for a couple of upcoming races, a Half Marathon at the end of April and a Ragnar Relay in June. I’m not a natural ability runner so I often have to think of things that inspire me in order to help me stick to my training schedule and finish long runs. One of the things I think about often is my brother Curtis, he runs ultras and is amazing.  I sometimes think when pushing through a particularly hard hill or headwind, “Come on Somer, Curtis can do 50 miles.

Suck it up! You can get up this hill or finish this run.” It works wonders. I also think of my sister, Holly who IS a natural ability runner and completes 4 or 5 marathons a year. I asked her once how it made her feel qualifying for Boston, something I will never likely achieve! She said “I qualify for Boston every time I run a Marathon, so it wasn’t really a big deal” Well said!

Another thing that helped me a few years ago was when my best friend’s son was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. We did a fundraiser as a Ragnar Relay Team and changed our normal “Hard Day’s Night” team name to “Team Kitchy.” Kitchy is the name of Ray’s stuffed toy that he loves. We raised nearly $5,000 to help his parents pay for his fight against cancer.

When I would fight through the pain of trying to push hard, I would only need to think of Ray’s pain and suffering during his muli-month hospital stay during chemotherapy treatments to realize what I was pushing through was nothing. I still think of him often when I am running. He is now cancer free! Love you Ray.

Some of the things that have touched me the most during races is seeing a runner be the legs for someone else. I saw this on youtube today and cried my eyes out. Great job Dayton and Spencer. Thanks for your example and for helping me push through many more long runs.

Race on.


5 thoughts on “Beauty and Motivation for Race Season

    • I usually do 3-4 half marathons a year and have run the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay for the last 5 years. It is hands down my favorite race and the racing event that I look forward to the most every year! You should totally do it!

  1. Love this video! It made me cry too. I love that you find inspiration in others. I hope you know people (incuding myself) find inspiration in you!

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