Easter Brainstorming!!! Need Input…

Easter is coming, right? It’s actually in 5 days and my hope was to have had a baby by then, but that’s probably not going to happen. I’ve never been big on holiday meals, but that’s because I’m not a big ham/turkey person – which is usually the basis of most holiday meals. But now we have the opportunity to have a marvelous, meat-less Easter dinner. One problem – I need ideas!

So friends, contribute! What are you making for Easter dinner this year? And don’t be shy even if you have a meat-based meal. We can always take a bunch of good sides and make a great meal with it!


7 thoughts on “Easter Brainstorming!!! Need Input…

  1. I have been having nightmares about what to do about holiday cooking now…….Until I saw this post. Vegan Holiday dinner is totally do-able!

    Check it out, you don’t have to use the recipes, but the format itself helped me think of creative ways to do it!


    Oh and she figured out how to make banana bread larabars. Genius.

    I’m thinking some sort of seitan loaf, but seasoned with liquid smoke and processed with a couple of beets to make it ham-ish. Scalloped potatoes with vegan bechamel, broccoli salad with cranberries, and rustic bread.

  2. Sweet potato and apple bake.
    Rosemary and olive oil roasted potatoes.
    Stuffing in endless varieties.
    Broiled asparagus.
    Green Beans or steamed kale with parmesan and bacon
    (yup, bacon. had to do it.)
    A loaf of your gorgeous homemade bread in a fun braid.
    Fruit salad (aka a variety of chopped fruit tossed into the same bowl)

  3. PS- What about a version of hot cross buns with oat and wheat flour and doused in coconut milk. I’m thinking it has potential. But I will leave that recipe creation to those with more skill. 😉

  4. Oh, and my mom’s easter salad- the always fabulous spinach and strawberry salad with poppyseed dressing and sliced almonds.

  5. I have no outstanding ideas. We’re having performances for Easter. Bud’s in the choir for the Lamb of God oratorio, so he’s got to be at the theater by 5:00 Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so we’re celebrating lightly. Not even sure what we’re having (maybe salmon and asparagus). But, reading these comments reminds me of a friend of mine who’s vegetarian except for bacon. Good bacon has a place in many diets.

    • I tried really hard to come up with something creative, but failed, i guess. we ended up having Broccoli Salad, roasted sweet and white potatoes with onions and thyme (from my garden!!!), bread and bruschetta. Sounds like more than it was, but it was enough to give us leftovers. I was really hoping I wouldn’t have had the chance to make dinner Sunday, but I did. It looks like I might be making dinners for the next few days or weeks, drat.

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