Green Smoothie Challenge Winners

So the results are all in and I have the Green Smoothie Challenge Winners! I was originally going to pick 3 winners, but decided on 5 winners instead since their stories were all so awesome! Winners will receive their prizes within a week (allow time for personal or mail delivery)

Carolyn’s Story

I lost 3.2 lbs–the first weight I have been able to take off in a long time. I felt GREAT the entire time. Day 6&7 I cheated because it was my birthday and I pigged out at Sage’s, but all vegan. I also felt light-headed for a couple of days in the end,  but I am still eating plant based protein and whole foods (totally vegan) and the light-headedness is gone. I feel better than I have in months. I have had serious digestive problems and day 2 of the green smoothie they were totally gone. I like the taste of the smoothie so much I am still eating it for breakfast. My afternoon crashes have disappeared. 

Prize – Natural Body Lotion

Donna’s Story

I lost 4 pounds and 1 inch in my waist. Didn’t really have that much to lose so 4 pounds was pretty cool and people have noticed that. I thought it was a great detox and definitely better than other “fast diets” that I have tried. I was more full than I thought I would be and with your ideas for meals I got variety instead of just salad every night for dinner. I will definitely choose this one again for a quick weight loss method if I need it!

Prize – Norwex Cloth

Heidi and Neil’s Story

Neil and I began the challenge on 3/19/12 and ended the challenge on 3/25/12.  Neil lost 6.0 pounds, and I lost 5.4 pounds.  We both discovered that the green smoothies tasted much better than we had anticipated.  Thanks for the tip about adding fresh lemon to the kale smoothies!  To our delight, we discovered two of our three boys also love them, and during the challenge begged us for our portions.  I think the best part of the challenge for me was the exercise!  I was able to exercise 6 hours during the week, and that is incredible for me!  It was so good for me to have that alone time and clear my head.  I began to feel quite light-headed about halfway through the challenge, and that was a struggle.  I joked with my sister that if this is how skinny people feel all the time, forget it!  We have always loved salads at our home, but we discovered great salad dressing recipes and great combinations of veggies and beans that we had not tried before.  I love the Take 5 Dressing recipe you posted on your blog, and Neil loved the House Dressing recipe you posted on your blog.  We have never been to the store so much in one week (or should I say stores: Walmart, Harmon’s, and Good Earth)!  I tried the hummus recipe on your blog, but added one red pepper in our Cuisinart, and that was such a delicious dip for veggies.  My oldest son even commented on how much he loved the “red stuff” on his plate.  I felt so much better about my diet, and the diet of my family during the challenge, because we drastically reduced the amount of fat and all of the processed sugars and flours from our diet.  In general, I felt much better-physically and mentally.  I am proud to say that I successfully completed the challenge.  The weight loss was a bonus, but the recipes and the ways in which to incorporate better eating  and exercise habits into my schedule was vital.  Thank you!  Neil continues to make a green smoothies every day for breakfast, and my kids and I make them a few times a week for a meal.  The grocery stores love us, as we are there 2-3 times a week loading up on fresh smoothie ingredients.  I have continued to make fresh weekly batches of the dressings, and the soup recipes are keepers!  I love the Moroccon Lentil Soup recipe to the tune of making it four times in one month!  Now, if I can only be as disciplined in my “regular” life and incorporate more green vegetables, eat less fat and sugar, and exercise more, I will be set. Neil also added “I have never lost so much weight, so painlessly, in such a short amount of time!”

Prizes: Natural Mascara and Norwex Cloth

Carol’s Story

This story is based on a phone conversation, rather then email so it will be in my words 😉 Carol said that she had never thought of eating veggies for breakfast (I don’t think any of us do!) But loves the green smoothies since she feels like she is getting more nutrition every day. She enjoyed the hummus and still snacks on veggies and hummus often. Carol Lost 7 lbs during the challenge and loves it so much she is still following the basic format of the challenge with variations only at dinner time!

Prize: Natural Mascara

Congratulations to all of you!



5 thoughts on “Green Smoothie Challenge Winners

  1. Thanks for the inspiration Somer. Without your story I wouldn’t have done this. Better than the improved diet is your friendship. You are truly amazing and have made my life better.

    • Aww! That is so sweet. I’m so glad I could help you! I feel equally lucky to know you and have your friendship!

    • That was amazing! Seriously that kid is incredible. He is every bit as talented as Andrea Bocelli, but to see him stick by his friend was every bit as beautiful as his performance.

      Thanks for sharing that.

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