Finding Zen, the Long Run with a Best Friend, Poo Jokes and Nut Butter

It’s Somer Saturday!

There is nothing better then doing a long run with someone who you can run with for miles with without saying anything and just pound out the trail side by side in perfect (although, maybe a little sloppy in my case) Zen.

Someone you love the guts out of

She puts up with all my crap. Walks with me when I’m too tired to run (not today, but other days :0). Powers up the hill pace for pace by my side. Even covers for me when I have to make a pit stop (ahem) in the bushes. This morning we started in the dark and the fog, ran past windmills and into the sunrise by the river while geese and little creatures were just rising for the day. It was so cold that my fuel belt water bottles had frozen water on the outside of them and my nose is a little chafed from wiping it on my long sleeve.

But you can’t beat the feeling of completing a long run with your best friend. Love you Erika.

The trail we ran on is paved, but is frequented by horses and dogs. There is literally crap all over it. While we were dodging some of the poo, I looked down at the path and saw that someone had taken the time to make draw arrows with sidewalk chalk to the poo and write “POO” on the trail. Nice! Next we saw poo encircled with several chalk circles with the word “BULLSEYE” written outside the biggest circle. Thanks for the endless running entertainment whoever you are! Love it! For more awesome hilariousness about poo and running check this out!

Ahh, and then refueling post run with toast and nothing other then my favorite nut butter of the moment (comes in awesome squeeze packs now so that you can eat them mid-run!)

While trying not to think about POO!


3 thoughts on “Finding Zen, the Long Run with a Best Friend, Poo Jokes and Nut Butter

  1. Aw, yay! Love you too Somer! Wouldn’t have made it today without the run this morning. Can’t beat a synchronized running buddy, mind, body and spirit. You’re the best! Bullseye…..

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