Seven Discoveries

This week has been a week of discoveries.

1-      Eat to Live: started the book this week, and it just makes sense.

2-      Spice Princess:  I love all the spices in the vegan dishes I have been making, but my spices were up high and really hard to get to. They were shoved in a cupboard that made it necessary to practically pull everything out every time I got in the cupboard. It has been this way for years. When I first built my house the cabinet man made a “spice drawer” right next to my stove, I thought that was stupid so I removed the spice holder and turned it into my “big spoon and spatula” drawer—so much more practical, I mean the only spice I needed was salt and for convenience I just kept a large jar of it next to the stove, always out—never hidden away in a drawer.  Now I have learned there are other spices besides salt I had to find a better system for getting to them. I went searching for a spice rack on Amazon and found something better, a spice carousel! It holds 12 spices, and is stackable, each canister pulls out easily, has a ¼ t dispenser, shaker or large opening. When I am ready to cook I grab the entire carousel from the cupboard.  Weird, but it makes me feel like a princess.


I bought the “stainless steel” But wish I had saved the money and got the white one, as the “stainless” steel is just colored plastic.

KitchenArt Pro Auto-Measure Spice Carousel, Stainless Steel Satin


3-      Not your mother’s pressure cooker: My sisters gave me a pressure cooker for my birthday and it can cook dry black beans, or any bean in minutes not to mention anything else you want to cook in minutes.


I made Hot and Sour soup in it this week. Very tasty.


4-      Alpine Food storage: My mom took me to a wondrous place in Alpine. There are shelves and shelves of dried “food storage” at fantastic prices. I bought a 10 gallon bucket of dry black beans for $49 that I will cook in minutes in my new pressure cooker.  I also got 5lbs of chia seed for $28.69—I have Chia to spare now. If you are interested in checking the place out here is the info:

Alpine Food Storage

11800 North 6000 west

Highland Utah 84003

Get on their email list for notifications of new shipments.


5-      Being Normal: A friend introduced us to vegan “ham” slices. Andrew, my 13 year old, was in heaven. He told me “he felt like a normal person.” He has been vegetarian since he was 5 and last summer went vegan (not my idea, I am a meat eater—except the last 3 weeks). I know it is crazy we haven’t discovered vegan deli slices in the eight years he has been a vegetarian—I just thought he would grow out of it J

6-      Kamut. I tried a variation on my sour dough bread and it turned out pretty tasty and a lot more nutritious than the white flour version.  Here it is:

Sour Dough Bread

1 c flour (I used fresh ground kamut today, but you can use whole wheat or white)

3 T sweetener (I used honey )

3 ½ t salt

2 T yeast

1 c warm milk (I use almond milk, just heat it in the microwave for 30 seconds)

2 T oil (I used olive oil)

1 ½ c sour dough start (you can get a start at good earth, and it is good for you and tasty!)

Put all ingredients in mixer. Mix with dough hook, add additional 3- 3 ½ c flour, until the dough starts to pull away from the sides. Mix 10 minutes, put in bowl, cover with towel, let rise 1 hour, divide and place in two bread pans or free form on large baking sheet. Cover, let rise until it doubles. (about 30 minutes). Bake 30-35 minutes at 375.

Variation: brush tops with egg whites and sprinkle with chopped onion, Italian seasoning and garlic salt.


Why Kamut  (I like the way it tastes, but here are some other good reasons)

Kamut® wheat is an ancestor of modern wheat. It has been discovered thousands of years ago in the region located between Egypt and Mesopotamia. After a long period of oblivion, this grain was rediscovered

 Its features are particularly suited to production methods of organic farming : it has an exceptional resistance to adverse environmental, so it is possible to produce high-quality crops without artificial fertilizers and without pesticides. Currently the Kamut® is produced exclusively through organic farming.

Unlike other wheats, Kamut® has never been subjected to genetic manipulation, selection, crossbred varieties, keeping intact its original chromosomal, its special nutritional properties and its ancestral taste.


Its energy value is higher than that of other grains. Compared to common wheat, the composition of Kamut® is richer of minerals, like magnesium, zinc and selenium, a powerful antioxidant.

Furthermore, Kamut® is characterized by a high percentage of vitamin E, a higher rate of amino acids (+65%) compared to other grains, and higher quantity of lipids and fats.

The protein content is the most distinctive quality of Kamut®. Given the high proportion of lipids, the grain kamut can be classified as high-energy grain.


The wheat with Kamut mark has a strong flavor reminiscent of butter and hazelnut.

Kamut® grain is perfectly suited for preparing breakfast cereals, muesli, bread, biscuits, snacks, cakes, flours, flakes and food prepared and frozen.

With its natural sweet taste, which is nicknamed the “sweet grain“, is not necessary to add sugar as some other cereals to hide the slightly bitter taste. Its good natural consistency is perfect to make pilaf or to add it to salads or soups.

The Kamut® is also used to produce a great pasta: its high protein content and gluten permit to elaborate without eggs, a very good and quality pasta.

The bread is delicious and remains fresh for several days.

7-      Triplets My tummy is happy, but the best “new” thing this week is triplets. My sister’s goat had three little babies and they are the cutest tiniest things you have ever seen. Two have blue eyes and the runt, Bernadette, my favorite, has hazel eyes.  Somer is holding Clara Bell



4 thoughts on “Seven Discoveries

  1. I want to be a spice princess too! My spice cupboard is out of control! Now only if I didn’t have 50 something spices lurking in there, I might be tempted to order it. Do they have a 50 dispenser version? 😉

    The pressure cooker on the other hand is going on my wish list for my birthday. Must. Have. It. I am tired of purchasing so many canned beans because I can never get my act together and soak my beans overnight or have the forethought to cook them in the crock-pot all day.

    I need to kiss that baby goat again. It was the juiciest creature ever! Oh and the kamut bread is like a slice of heaven. Can’t wait to get our big bucket.



    • They kind of have a 50 dispenser version, They stack, so you can buy as many as you need. I put my “most used” spices in this one, thinking about getting one more, because I have more than 12 “most used” spices.

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