“Tastes Like Nummy Beautiful Butterflies”

Its Somer Saturday! (At least for another few minutes on my clock!)

I don’t have enough brainpower to wax poetic or to conquer the world with more plant-based truths, but I can share a recipe with you, a tasty simple one at that. At our house, we called it dessert, you can call it breakfast, a really tasty smoothie or whatever the heck you want 😉

My 3-year-old, who growls out his sentences and is always wielding some sort of sword or weapon (he actually carries a water gun in his pocket at all times) exclaimed while drinking this: “Mmmm, Thanks MommyIt tastes like nummy beautiful butterflies!” And then I laughed so hard a little bit of the nummy deliciousness went up my nose. Good times.

Chocolate Hazelnut Banana Smoothie

2 C. vanilla soymilk

2 sliced frozen bananas

1 T. cocoa powder

2 T. justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter (can you tell I’m in love with this stuff?)

1 T. honey or pure maple syrup

Blend until smooth. Makes 3  servings. Caution, may cause butterfly deliciousness to come out your nose.

6 thoughts on ““Tastes Like Nummy Beautiful Butterflies”

    • Glad I could oblige! My eight year old spent the afternoon writing a short story about her little brother and the butterflies comment. We can’t get over it 😉 I may have a little writer blossoming in this house!

  1. Oh my. It doesn’t get much better than sweet comments from toddlers and stuff coming out the nose at the same time. Can you tell I’m a nurse? Will have to try also as I live too far away from Little Sis to horn in on her dessert : (

    • Love that! You two make me miss my sisters! They all live 5 hours away 😦 I think it’s awesome and sweet that you do the blog together.

    • oh from the mouth of babes! It’s now a running joke in our house when something is tasty we say….”tastes like nummy beautiful butterflies” Love it. Thanks!

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